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About DriveTeq…

DriveTeq delivers stunning and unforgettable driving experiences on the road and the race track for any level of driver.  To participate in one of our adventures or help you create your own, simply Contact Us.  For more on who we are an what we do, read on!

Helping people drive better is our passion, whether it’s on the road or the track and whether it’s dry, wet or freezing.  We are a “one-stop shopping” experience to achieve your driving goals. Whether you are an individual seeking to drive your car more quickly on a track or with greater awareness on public roads, or you are an organization wanting to improve your safety record and reduce your losses, DriveTeq provides the resources to help you achieve your objectives.

Time and time again we find our clients astonished at the goals and results they achieve in a single program.  We don’t discriminate either!  Whether you are new to driving or a veteran of the road, male or female, a motorsport enthusiast or an individual wanting to drive more safely on the public roads, we show positive results focused on your objectives.

What’s more is we are an integrated resource company. We provide a full menu of driving related resources to support you.  DriveTeq’s two business divisions are philosophically joined by a focus on Driving Better and Driving Results but organized into two separate units, each having a sharper focus on our clients’ more specific objectives.

DriveTeq Integrated Motorsport Resources provides you all the tools to enjoy your motorsport hobby occasionally or regularly at the level you want while DriveTeq Risk Management Resources provides our clients with the resources to manage the risks and reduce the losses associated with driving as it relates to their business operations.

In addition to reading about our business, much of DriveTeq’s operations can be experienced and understood through audio visual media.  We invite you to enjoy both the entertainment and the safety training components of the business by perusing DriveTeq’s YouTube Channel.

So, if it’s for fun or business and you are looking for desired outcomes, DriveTeq has the resources to support you.