Advanced Driver Training

DriveTeq offers practical, real life in-vehicle training that simulates on-road circumstances and provides advanced solutions.  Our practical in-vehicle simulations provide our clients with an advantage over the competition.  We deliver measurable benefits that are translated into savings and an increased bottom line.

We provide our programs on closed circuit training facilities.  DriveTeq has a developed curriculum.  We employ the best coaches in order to convey that information to our clients.

We deliver our on course driver training programs all year around to take full advantage of real life conditions and those conditions that are most demanding for drivers.

Contact Us if you have any questions and to schedule training.

“Our drivers were pleased to receive the training and saw value in the course.  It has inspired greater confidence on the road. Our drivers have a greater awareness of the techniques available to them to control their vehicles and a heightened appreciation for how to drive more safely.  The DriveTeq team was all of professional, organized, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with on this project.”
— Ozery on DriveTeq Risk Management Resources Winter Advanced Driver Training —