Preparing for a DriveTeq Off-Road Day powered by EBA

DriveTeq and EBA want you to be well prepared for your off-road day so you can help us deliver excellent value to you.

Although you need to consider your specific circumstances and the following is not an exhaustive checklist for an off-road experience, it is in our experience helpful to consider the following prior to attending one of our events.

At Least 2 Weeks Prior to the Event

Event Format/Location:  Understand the event format and location; e.g. be aware whether the off-road event begins at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Grand Prix Track (GPT) or the Driver Development Track (DDT).

Off-Road Tech Inspection: Although we do not typically require proof of a formal “tech inspection”, you should undertake a proper review of the vehicle to ensure your car is prepared for the rigors of off-road day.

Fluid check: washer fluid, coolant, oil and gas are all things to make sure have been topped up before you head to the event location.

Prior to the Event


Mental:  Prepare by reading through all the material on our site that you can.  Always come to an off-road event well rested and prepared to concentrate and be engaged.

Weather & Clothing:  Check the expected weather and come prepared with appropriate clothing.  We run events rain or shine.  Always expect some variation in temperatures and have layers.  The weather may be different where you are going. While you are driving, you will likely be warm.  When you are standing outside, you may be cold.  Be prepared for rain with a change of clothing and shoes/boots.  Clothing Essentials: raincoat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, sweaters, t-shirts, jersey’s, hats, gloves, boots, change of shoes.

Chair: if you have space, a fold up chair may be nice to have, and if you can secure it in the vehicle, that would be best.

Food: Determine whether lunch is provided at the event.  In any event, it’s always advisable to bring a few snacks and some water (particularly during the warmest months).

Money:  We suggest having some cash on hand.

Electronic Devices: Remember chargers for whatever devices you bring.  At the same time, it is very important that you are not using devices or have them on during off-road exercises or on the off-road trail rides. If they are in the vehicle, please ensure they are secured.

Equipment & Car

Gas:  Come to the off-road day with a full tank of gas.

Tools: Bring your car tools to the extent you have them.  Typically, work gloves, an air pressure gauge, a portable compressor (for filling tires after airing down).  If you have tools uniquely suited to or required for your car, bring them. Should you need to work on your vehicle while out on the off-road trail, paper towels, wet naps and plastic baggies are great for spills, clean ups and for storing refuse.

Cleaning:  Windshield cleaner and paper/cloth towels.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

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