Motorsport Consulting Services

With over 40 combined years in various motorsports activities, the principals of DriveTeq have accumulated a body of knowledge and valuable relationships to help individuals, groups and businesses achieve their motorsport goals.  If your issue is related to motorsport in any way, chances are we can help and if we can’t, we probably know who can.  Speak with us.

If you’d simply like to learn how to become involved in a motorsport activity, we can be an excellent resource.  There are many factors that will affect you level of enjoyment with the motorsport hobby.  We have cut years off of our clients’ learning curves and helped them enjoy motorsport in a way that they would not have imagined in such a short period of time.  Most importantly, we have helped them do it with an appreciation of the risks and the techniques that can be utilized to ameliorate those risks.

We also will consult on topics related to all those matters advertised in this website.  We have assisted people in finding and evaluating cars, running charitable events involving a racetrack and exotic cars, evaluating vehicles for proper use with specific objectives in mind and advising parents on how to assist in their children’s driver development.  Our knowledge and experience is broad and comprehensive.

We charge for our consulting services on a per hour or per assignment basis depending on the nature of the assignment.  Our goal is always to provide our clients with value.

Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you.