Che Belle Macchine (Specialty Track Day Exclusively for Italian Cars)

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DriveTeq is pleased to create for your enjoyment our first Italian car specialty track day for beginners to professionals. Sure, sure the Italians are great to look at but join us on Wednesday, May 24 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s historic Grand Prix circuit to drive these beauties as intended. [photo magic by Jordan Lenssen Photography]

Okay, it’s a little discriminatory but we want to see more “Italians” at the track! Alfa Romeo, DeTomaso, Ferrari, Fiat, Innocenti, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati, Mazzanti and Pagani? Some of the most storied names in motorsport and just beautiful cars making beautiful sounds. Why not drive them in an environment where you can truly enjoy them? Think of the beauty of seeing many of these special cars on one of the world’s greatest tracks at the same time!

The opportunity is to drive your Italian sports car with other Italian car owners in a safe, organized, properly grouped and professional environment. We own, operate and/or participate in premium track days at historic race circuits across North America. We love it and we believe we do it well.

We’ll offer coaching for those that need or want it. We’ll create up to 3 groups of vehicles and divide people by their experience. There will be a mandatory drivers’ meeting to set the tone and standards of the day (which we continue to monitor and manage throughout the day) and to provide a welcoming, safe and organized structure. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their vehicle at a level they are comfortable while respecting the opportunity for others to do the same.

We’ll have a great meal and the opportunity to socialize over lunch in the world class event centre overlooking the track around the noon hour.

Track time will be in abundance for those that want it. A comfortable and welcoming start will be provided to newcomers to the track so they’re not pushed beyond their reasonable limits and able to comfortably enjoy their bella macchina! There will be advanced rules for more experienced drivers so they can enjoy their cars in a more spirited fashion.

To learn more about and how to prepare for our driver education and track days generally, please click Here.

To learn more about the day including timing, registration, track and coaching fees, click Here.

For more information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. To learn a little more about us, visit our home page and click on the DriveTeq Difference!

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