About Our Management Team

Gerry Low and Rick Morelli are the Co-Managing Directors and Founders of DriveTeq.  They come from diverse backgrounds and combine complimentary skills.  Their mutual passion for training more competent and knowledgeable drivers unites them.  Together, they have in excess of 45 years of advanced/high performance driving dynamics training experience.  Gerry has been organizing driver training events since the advent of marquee clubs.  Gerry and Rick have overseen the evolution of driver training on closed circuits in the past ten years and between them, maintain a sophisticated knowledge of the many advances in automobile technology.

Gerry’s lifelong passion has been studying driving technique fundamentals and sharing them.  With over 30 years of experience, Gerry specializes in teaching the fundamentals of driving dynamics with a focus on incident prevention.

Rick is a lawyer who has left a career in one of Canada’s largest firms.  Rick has merged his advisory skills in risk management and business focus with his passion for driving dynamics and education.  With Gerry, Rick continues to use his experience and training to provide trainees with sound advice and coaching and to evolve the organization and development of a fully integrated system of driving resources.

The foundation for much of our current, cutting edge DriveTeq curriculum and methods of delivery has been developed over years of study with our friend, mentor, teacher and Canadian Motorsports Hall of Famer, Mr. Craig Fisher.

Gerry and Rick continue to plot a course to make DriveTeq the premier one-stop shop for every business and individual’s driving needs and desires.

To learn more about the foundation on which we continue to build our business, read the DriveTeq Difference.

You can reach Gerry at Gerry@DriveTeq.ca and Rick at Rick@DriveTeq.ca.

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