We made our annual pilgrimage to the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show to see where sports cars and car culture is heading!

It was great to see so many wonderful machines under the lights and for us, even more exciting to imagine what they’ll be like when we see them at the race track this season!

We love most all cars but hold a special place for those wonderful performance machines for “driving”! Please visit our gallery for a quick look at some of the fancy pieces we saw and took note of! (more…)

DriveTeq is pleased to announce its event dates for 2018 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport GP and Driver Development Track (DDT)). We professionally run safe, educational, and entertaining track days for newcomers to pros. Until December 31, 2017, we are offering our best early payment incentive prices with unrivaled flexibility in exchange for your commitment. Buy now and save. If you wish, choose your dates later from our extensive list. (more…)

Buckle up – #herewegoagain!

This week we start with a DriveTeq driver education and track day at the fabled former F1 circuit, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. After we conquer this, we make our way north to Montebello, QC for a half day program in the dirt with the Land Rover 4x4s! A little change of pace and scenery before … we land in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec to drive the storied “other” former F1 circuit in Canada, Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant! (more…)

DriveTeq has marked the start of the 2017 “summer track season” with a little Italian fun. A couple of weeks ago, we announced our Specialty Track Day: Che Belle Macchine (What Beautiful Machines) for Italian cars only, slated for May 24 at the CTMP Grand Prix circuit (click Here for more info). The concept has been well received and we’re looking forward to a fun day with an all Italian heritage in auto sport.

This week we’re pleased to announce the continuation of MOTOMARCELLI by DriveTeq which was launched last year at CTMP. This year, the leader of the Marcelli Mob (as we affectionately refer to him), Kyle Marcelli is preparing to locally debut Ferrari of Ontario’s GT3 supercar at CTMP at the Victoria Day Weekend SpeedFest. (more…)

#exclusively #Italian #cars #only #track #day

DriveTeq is pleased to create for your enjoyment our first Italian car specialty track day for beginners to professionals. Sure, sure the Italians are great to look at but join us on Wednesday, May 24 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s historic Grand Prix circuit to drive these beauties as intended. [photo magic by Jordan Lenssen Photography]

Okay, it’s a little discriminatory but we want to see more “Italians” at the track! Alfa Romeo, DeTomaso, Ferrari, Fiat, Innocenti, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati, Mazzanti and Pagani? Some of the most storied names in motorsport and just beautiful cars making beautiful sounds. Why not drive them in an environment where you can truly enjoy them? Think of the beauty of seeing many of these special cars on one of the world’s greatest tracks at the same time! (more…)

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It’s spring track season and we’re ready to rid the rust on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at the spectacularly fun and technical CTMP Driver Development Track.

We have a full season of “summer” driving fun lined up. Come help us get it started. We’re offering a great line up of coaches, tons of track time, a relaxed but organized structure and an awesome circuit. (more…)

DriveTeq and EBA want you to be well prepared for your off-road day so you can help us deliver excellent value to you.

Although you need to consider your specific circumstances and the following is not an exhaustive checklist for an off-road experience, it is in our experience helpful to consider the following prior to attending one of our events.

At Least 2 Weeks Prior to the Event

Event Format/Location:  Understand the event format and location; e.g. be aware whether the off-road event begins at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Grand Prix Track (GPT) or the Driver Development Track (DDT). (more…)

Who and why should someone attend a DriveTeq Off-road driver education day?

DriveTeq off-road days are for anyone who wants to learn about off-roading and the capabilities of their vehicle.  Our events are geared to newcomers and experienced off-road drivers wishing to improve their skills and knowledge base in a structured environment.

For the off-road novice, you’ll experience the day at your own pace under the supervision and assistance of our experienced trail guides. (more…)

One of DriveTeq’s differentiating business characteristics is our broad service offering, integration and ongoing expansion of complementary driving resources with a razor sharp focus on our core business – Driving Better!

With that mission in mind, we’re delighted to announce the first phase in the development of a DriveTeq Driver Education and Off-Road Driving Program. We believe off-roading is in line and complements our passion for driving more generally! (more…)

We love to eat, laugh and drive! A few times a year (not often) we skip the driving and just eat and laugh! Vito and his team at Five Doors North (Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood central) look after us in a cocktail style eat fest. It is awesome. Check out some of the pictures in our Gallery by clicking Here! (more…)

Last week at the Rockcliffe Flying Club in Ottawa, over 100 B.F. Goodrich tire dealers and 20 journalists had the opportunity to compare the Winter T/A KSI to its peers. Excitement marked the event all week. Changing weather conditions kept the event teams on their toes and the Red Bull Crashed Ice competitions provided a unique form of entertainment in the evening! (more…)

Would you like to come and race with us? Watkins Glen? Road America? GT3? GT4?

We had our first evening last Tuesday with RaceSim1 and our “test” group really enjoyed it. It was an opportunity to race against friends, family, enemies and new friends! We are a welcoming group. We love creating driving fun and excitement with other good people!

The RaceSim1 arcade location is at 693 Bloor St. (near Christie Pits Park and the Christie Subway Station). If you want some info on the facility check it out at http://racesim1.com/. (more…)

Sometimes we’re asked: “what do you do?” Well, we traveled from the keys of Florida to the lakes of Tremblant and much in between. We ran days for our many individual clients and we held events for our corporate friends. We raced, we lapped and we laughed through it all. We helped individuals and organizations raise funds. We taught and we developed cars. All in all, it was a fun year. (more…)

DriveTeq is pleased to announce its event dates for 2017 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport GP and Driver Development Track (DDT)). We professionally run safe, educational, and entertaining track days for newcomers to pros. Until December 31, 2016, we are offering our best early payment incentive prices with unrivaled flexibility in exchange for your commitment. Buy now and save. If you wish, choose your dates later from our extensive list. (more…)

We think Parkinson Canada’s Life Lists Challenge is rockin the innovative house in the fundraising world. Earlier this month, they were at the centre of providingtheir patrons and supporters an incredible life experience at one of Canada’s most storied motorsport parks! How did they do it? They did it in cooperation and partnership with other innovative and cool organizations! This is where the excitement begins.

The Roadsport Group of Toronto, Ontario has obtained the Canadian rights to one of the most exciting track day tools you’ll find anywhere: the Ariel Atom. (more…)

On January 17, 2016, we published a short blog on our courageous, young friend, Yusuf Hirji. Yusuf battled illness with a pleasant smile to say the least.  We, DriveTeq and our team of super coaches, had the privilege of sharing some smiles with him and his family late in 2015 at CTMP.

It was a memorable experience for all of us as Yusuf realized one of his wishes; to ride around a great race track at speed! Gratefully, we were able to deliver that simple wish. (more…)

On Saturday, May 7, at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Track, DriveTeq.ca had the opportunity to lend a hand to Parkinson Canada and it’s Life Lists Challenge! What a thrill! Generous people giving of their time to support a great cause and brave folks afflicted with Parkinsons.

We had the opportunity to share some of the fun of our driving world with some amazing folks including AB Rustin and Jamie Fobert! (more…)

Tomorrow, the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Grand Prix (CTMP) circuit promises big excitement! In our MotoMarcelli powered by DriveTeq season opener at the GP circuit, purveyors of first class fun, Mantella Autosport, will be there in full force showcasing their KTM GT4 Pirelli World Challenge racers!

Not only are these cars racing next week at CTMP, Mantella Autosport has brought them to Canada for sale to the track day enthusiast and collector of ultra cool cars. (more…)

Roadsport Ariel, here in the GTA, launched it’s new drive program at the CTMP (Mosport) Driver Development Track this past April 24 with DriveTeq.  It was an exciting success. The car, unsurprisingly, was spectacular fun!

Roadsport has set an ambitious schedule for itself utilizing the super track day programs of Engineered Automotive, 6th Gear and yours truly, DriveTeq! (more…)

Join us and Lotus of Oakville at our first summer season DE and track day at the CTMP (Mosport) Driver Development Track. This is the first of many awesome track days scheduled for this season! Experience your car or rent a car in a professional, organized and safe environment.

We still have some room. Don’t wait much longer. If you have any questions, Contact Us. To learn more and register, click Here. (more…)

We are just under two weeks from our first summer track day event at CTMP’s DDT circuit! While we’re operating a driver education and track day, we’ll be racing next door at the famous Grand Prix track with our #666 Cereal Killer and the rebuilt #667 Volkswagen Mark IV GTI!

Come join us for the Lotus of Oakville sponsored track day on April 24. Novice to pro welcome. Coaching available. Click Here for all the detail in our Calendar. (more…)

Are you interested in the pinnacle of packaged road trip luxury and adventure? Time is short but there is still an opportunity to drive with DriveTeq at the famous Watkins Glen International.

The Empire Region – Ferrari Club of America is having two awesome days on April 27-28. If you’d like to learn more about our road trips, visit our “Motorsports” tab in the menu or simply Contact Us.   (more…)

In October, 2015, generous patrons of the William Osler Health System Foundation supported An Unforgettable Drive at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). Supporters joined the Foundation in a day of spirited driving under the watchful eye of the DriveTeq professional coaches. It was all in support of an awesome cause; the expansion of the Etobicoke General Hospital. (more…)

We’re excited to advise that we’re adding a mid-summer driver education and track day to our line up at CTMP (Mosport) DDT. Details on the day can be found by clicking Here.

For our full, public track season schedule and pricing, click Here.

If you’d like information on holding a private/corporate track day, please Contact Us!